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Do your tyres need replacing?

When did you last check your tyres for correct pressure and tread wear? It’s a fact that most people never bother with tyres, and wouldn’t know what the correct tyre pressure should be, nor what the legal requirement is for tread depth.

You rely on tyres to save you from losing control in wet and icy conditions, but assume that the annual service and MOT will keep you safe for another year.

Surprisingly, VOSA, the governing body who control MOT testing, say that around 20% of all failed MOT tests are due to tyres or wheel problems. It’s surprising because all of those people have been driving around with their vehicles in that state. Unsafe for themselves and other road users.

Do a quick check now. If your tyres have a tread depth less than 2mm you should think about replacing them soon. If the tyres have below 1.6mm of tread across three-quarters of the tread width around the circumference of the tyre, then your tyre is illegal. Not only that it is potentially lethal.

Pop in to us at Nick Tomlin Cars and we will do it for you, and check the legality of your tyres, make sure you have the correct air pressures all round completely free of charge.

If your tyres do need replacing then we have a great selection of high quality tyres at competitive prices so you know you are getting the very best deal on replacement tyres.

Call in today and make sure you are tyre legal and tyre safe…

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